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Are you thinking of names for your baby? Maybe it is interesting to become aware that your baby s name creates numerological energies which prepare your baby for the rest of his/her life. Choosing a name unique to your baby, combined with the time in which he/she is born, might enhance supportive energies helping him/her to develop and move forward in a positive and self confident way!
      In baby numerology (a.k.a. birth numerology) there are various strategies for finding that one and only name which will trigger the baby s soul-energy during his/her early life path for finding his/her life purpose.
     The continuation will discuss the following strategies: 1) baby name numerology (focused on the first letter + vowel of the first name); 2) birth path numerology (focused on the birth date); and 3) baby name compatibility numerology (focused on the baby s name AND the names of the parents).
Numerology believes that every single detail in the Universe vibrates at a certain frequency
THE FIRST STEP: What first letter + vowel do you prefer to use for your baby s name?
The following presents an overview of the qualities related to the first letter of your baby s name:-
Should you choose either A, J or S then your child will have qualities of leadership.

Should you choose B, K or T then your child will be kind and considerate.

Should you choose C, L or U then your child will be creative and intelligent.

Should you choose D, M or V then your child will be hard-working and steady.

Should you choose E, N or W then your child will be attractive, popular and versatile.

Should you choose F, O or X then your child will be loving and family-orientated.

Should you choose G, P or Y then your child will be a thinker and a self-starter.

Should you choose H, Q or Z then your child will be very aware of the material world.

Should you choose I or R then your child will be emotional and worldly wise.

THE SECOND STEP:    let s take a look at the qualities of the first vowel in a chosen name:
(In numerology W and Y can sometimes also be interpreted as vowels- so I ll include these too):-
A = Individuality, someone who can stand on their own two feet.

E = Open-mindedness and a love of adventure.

I = Compassion and understanding of their fellow man.

O = Responsible, tries to keep everyone happy & together.

U = Intuitive and sensitive.

W = highly strung, innovative and forward thinking.

Y = Analytical and spiritual.
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