Is Numerology a Science or Just a Belief?
     Numerology is a perfect science and can also be called an extension of Astrology. It is a Science of Vibrations, Expressed through Numbers. Through the Name you send and Receive Vibrations.

I do not like my name, Can I change It.?
     YES, definitely, if u does not like your name, this means there are certain negative vibrations in your name therefore changing your name or just a few alphabets as per numerology will definitely be helpful.

Can I use Numerology to win a lottery?
       I do not believe in the same. Numerology can give you a list of your lucky numbers and Dates .But I have never heard anyone win a lottery with the help of numerology anywhere in the world.

Why does the same number keep on repeating in my life?
      This is very common occurrence. This Number has certain significance for you and you should contact a Numerologist to get it researched.

There are so many numerology systems which is the right one?
      Each system has its own influence or is modified a bit by a system that preceded it and each makes a contribution to the sum of knowledge and insight. Some systems, however, are less adaptable than others, and many lose some relevance with the passing of time.

Why do numbers have such qualities who decided them?
      There is no universal agreement on the Quality of numbers. One thing which is common is that following any system perfectly gives you the desired positive results.

Can Numerology give negative results?
      YES, Definitely.  Getting Numerology from a Qualified Numerologist Consultant is the best way to avoid it. Avoid people who promise RICHES and OVERNIGHT BOOM. Numerology cannot alter your destiny it simply energizes the Name and infuses positive vibrations for it to work effectively for you.

Is Number 13 Good or Bad?
      Number 13 is a very powerful number. It adds up to 4 which mean a foundation for the future.

Can I rely on Numerology for success?
      Numerology is a tool to understand your life .It help you to make make more productive decisions, Numerology does not make decisions nor does your thinking. You think, decide.  You still need to plan and to work hard to be successful. Numerology helps you avoid pitfall up to a certain extent.

Is Number 8 a number of misfortune?
      Number is not a number of misfortunes. It is the number of karma, Meaning what you sow, you reap .It is a number of achievement after a lot of Handwork .Success does not come without struggle to people born on 8, 17, 26.
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