Sun -  Upper abdomen:
                                               The upper abdomen is the part which enjoys maximum influence of the Sun in a human body. Upper abdomen is the zone of our body where food liberates its energy by the effect of pancreas, as we know pancreas is the organ which produces insulin for the assimilation sugar in blood. Adverse effect of the Sun in our body may cause various diseases out of which narcolepsy and insomnia are well known to us.
Moon - Hands & Mind:
                            The Moon controls our mind and hands. Moon stands for the symbol, water. The entire water content of our body is under direct control of the Moon. Besides, Moon the supreme controller of our mind and all its effects are related to psychiatric diseases as well as freshness too. Moon is responsible for pain management in our body. Body pains are primarily of two types, the first one causes due to lack of water and the other is due to surplus or excess of water. The first type of pain troubles our due to lack of water causes when the Moon comes closest to the Sun i.e. during the time of new Moon. The second type of pain causes due to excess content of water i.e. more than optimum level, which happens during the time of full Moon. Regarding psychiatric diseases, autism has gradually become widely known in our global society. Autism is the lunar disease i.e. related to moon has been analysed below.
Mars - Head, Brain & Blood:
                                                       Brain and blood represent the prime center of human body remain under influence of the planet, Mars. Although blood has no access into the brain but it has tremendous influence directly or indirectly on it. Mars is the grey-matter of our brain in which Mercury, the intellect works. But whether the Mercury will be able to activate itself there in the brain or not, that depends exclusively on the Sun, as the Sun supplies energy to be activated. Thus, the Sun plays the most vital role behind the action of every planet. Mars is also the marrow within our bones; thus Mars produces blood-cells with the help of Saturn or metals. In a perfect harmony, the Mars and the Saturn augments production of quality blood in human body. It's seen that a man with an optimum level of quality blood in body is very calm and cool in nature and passes a soothing life & on the contrary, give rise to an irritating and eccentric life.
Mercury - Heart, Lungs, Skin & Lower abdomen:
                                     Mercury is the indicator of life as it allows air to get into the lungs after birth of a baby. Mercury stimulates the nervous system as soon as the baby comes out of womb and sends impulse to all the organs of the body to initiate actions which, as a result, causes a tremendous thrill into the body that makes the baby cry. Mercury is the only causative as well as the remedial factor of all the diseases.
Mercury has tripartite mode of action into our body which keeps similarity with the organs it influences. Heart muscle has three layers e.g. endocardium, myocardium and pericardium i.e. muscles incorporate from inner to outer periphery of our heart. Similarly in skin anatomy we also find the three layers i.e. outer protein layer, middle fat layer and the inner protein layer. Mercury in its first phase of action, inflows oxygen and eliminates obnoxious gases (e.g. Carbon-dioxide) from our body, in the second phase consolidates the benefits and utilities of oxygen into our body and in the final phase, Mercury helps keeping the normal function of lower abdomen for the absorption of food nutrients and elimination of waste products, thus stimulates the immune system to maintain normalcy within the body. To maintain a perfect immune system into our body, Mercury acts as a balancing factor which firstly controls inflow of oxygen into the body and secondly as a result, bile secretion remain in optimum level and finally keeps secretion of phlegm normal to facilitate respiratory system. Mercury has direct impact on the grey-matter and CNS (central nervous system) of our head. Mercury controls our heart and lungs i.e. the entire respiratory system, lower-abdomen, skin and the nervous system of our body. Mercury is responsible for the basic cause of skin disease. Besides skin, Mercury has direct control over the maturation and action of white blood cells or leucocytes in our body. Mercury, while in affliction may cause imbalance in the production of leucocytes (white blood cell) which as a result may cause leucoderma (white disease) in the skin and even may cause leukemia (abnormal high count of leucocytes) which is commonly known as blood cancer.
Jupiter - Thighs:
                                Jupiter is called the life initiating planet to earth. Thighs are the parts mainly
influenced by the Jupiter in human body as it has natural influence on our thighs, but in versatile aspects
it has command over any parts of our body. The most important function of Jupiter is that it initiates life
on earth by stimulating the Sun.

When enhanced, Jupiter can cure just about any problem or illness, just like that - especially those
connec­ted to the body part of its Zodiac sign. An en­hanced Jupiter simply makes fate serve you well. An
over-stimulated Jupiter can lead to dizziness, inability to focus, and a serious lack of control - especially
of the body part governed by the Zodiac sign the planet is in.
     Jupiter is slightly weakened in Libra, to some extent also in Aquarius. But the planet is not that out
of place in any Zodiac sign. It is particularly strong - and demanding - in Sagittarius, also in Gemini.
Venus - Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat & Genital or sexual organs:
                                                                                                                 Venus performs two types of functions in human body, which are Type I and Type II respectively. Venus in affliction may cause obesity, ocular, auricular, glandular, sexual diseases.
In type I activity, Venus takes care of our eyes to facilitate vision, auricle for hearing, smelling power, throat and glands. Minerals, which float easily in blood stream may cause damage in the eyes and in extreme level and even may bring about blindness. Therefore, while administering mineral supplementation necessary precaution has to be taken to combat with its negative or adverse effects on eyes. In this context, this could be said with assurance that mineral-supplementation through the organic sources are much more rational, safe and bio-available for human body than the inorganic sources.
In type II activity, Venus takes care of maturation of sex organs, normal secretion of growth hormones and proliferation of sex cells. In type II activity of the Venus, heat contradicts its normal activity by the combustion of sex cells which has the secondary adverse or toxic effect on human-brain. If this cycle of abnormal activity goes on continuously may give rise to obesity.
Saturn - Knee:
                               Knees are the parts in human body which enjoy the maximum influence of Saturn. Saturn is responsible for the management of all sorts of metalic components in human body. Saturn helps for the formation of bones, cartilages and blood cell in human body. It's only iron and oxygen, provides the red colour of blood. Although blood cells at their origin of production remain pink white. Among the metals, iron has the highest affinity to come in contact with oxygen.
       Saturn is weakened and frustrated in Pisces, Gemini, and Scorpio. It is particularly strong - and demanding - in Capricorn, and to some extent in Aquarius, Libra, and maybe Aries. Whatever Zodiac sign Saturn is in, it can cause serious problems.
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