Points for Match-Making

                                            We should be kept in mind before Match Making:
1. Longevity of both, Boy & Girl from their respective Horoscopes
2. Strength of the horoscope on marriage point of view
3. Manglik Dosha Matching
4. Analysis of coming Dashas of both
5. Dasha Sandhi and Transit
6. Matching of married life (7th Houses) in both Horoscopes
7. Match Making of significant planet of Marriage
8. Prosperity and other related Matching
9. Matching of malefic planets which affectes marital houses in Horoscope
10. Progeny and soundness of mind.

           Sincerely matching horoscope couple can spend their married life happily with prosperity. If horoscope is not matched properly then they can be unhappy, divorce may be happen, child may not be born or life partner may be dead. So Match making is very important for any marriage.

        Marriage is very important Sanskar (occasion) in which a boy and a girl get married with each other and start their married life socially and enter into Grahast Jeevan. Before marriage most of the families consult an astrologer for Matching of the Horoscopes of the boy and the Girl.
       The Horoscope Matching or Kundli Matching system in which Gunas are matched on the basis of Janama Nakshatra of the Boy and Girl and points are given for various descriptions. These descriptions are eight in number.

1.Varna (Mental Compatibility): 1 point

                                                                          It shows the basic potential of a person and the person's inherent skills and abilities. This category is indicative of ego development between partners. There are 4 varnas, namely: Brahmins, Kshatrya, Vaishya and Shudras. Compatibility points are given with regard to matching of these varnas in the horoscope. For best adjustment, the difference of Varna between the two should be minimal.
2.Vashya (Dominant Compatibility): 2 points
                                                                                    This category indicates the level of Mutual attraction and affection between the partners.Vashya means ones control or domination over the other. It reflects who will be the more dominant partner between the two prospective partners.The purpose of check is to avoid any chances of confrontation between the two.
3.Tara (Intensity of Relatiomship Compatibility): 3 points
                                                                                                             This category is related to the health, well being and longevity of the partners. In all there are 27 Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions). These nakshatrasare arranged in three triads known as Janam, Sampat, and Vipat. There are 9 nakshatras that make up each triad. Here compatibility points are generated on the basis of calculations with reference to these nakshatra groups in the horoscope.
4.Yoni (Physical & Sexual compatibility): 4 points
                                                                                             This category is indicative of biological compatibility, sexual inclinations and satisfaction.  It also shows mutual love and sexual inclinations of the partners.
5.Graha-Maitri (Psychological Disposition Compatinbility): 5 points
                                                                                                                               This category is indicative of general outlook, Nature and temperament of both, objectives, also mental and intellectual compatibility as reveled in the horoscopes. Here the Moon Sign is taken into consideration. In both the horoscopes, the relationship between the Lords of the Moon Signs is judged as Friend, Neutral or Enemy based on the natural friendship between the planets. Accordingly, points are assigned on the nature of the friendship or otherwise between the Moon Signs in the horoscope.
6.Gana (Compatibility of Nature): 6 points
                                                                               This category is indicative of temperamental characteristics, general behaviour and prosperity. In all there are three ganas in which a native can born. These three ganas are Deva, Manushya and Rakshasha. Compatibility points are generated through the matching of these ganas in the horoscope.
It is used to compare the general traits of ones behavior which is determined by an individual nature and indicates the compatibility of temperament and mutual daily behavior, for happiness and prosperity in their lives.
7.Bhakoot (Mutual Compatibility): 7 points
                                                                                 This is a crucial test to check overall prosperity in the growth of family welfare, financial and professional status. Here the relative positions of the Natal Moon are judged in the horoscopes. Natal Moon placed on the 2/12, 6/8, or 5/9 axis with relation to each other are considered adverse and no point is given in this regard.

8.Nadi (Compatibility between Life Forces): 8 points
                                                                                                    This category is indicative of outward physique, internal metabolism and heriditary factors. In all there are three Nadis in which a native can born. These are Aadi, Antya and Madhya Nadi.
         It is the most important in Matching as it has maximum number of points. Nadi or pulse is the central point and indicator of nervous energy on which an individual health and nature depends. This test also measures the genetic compatibility between the couple to produce healthy progeny after marriage.
                                Each of these factors has its own significance and has their own number of points. These all combine together to make up 36 points or GUNAS.

If a couple scores have less than 18 then the match is not considered a good match according to traditional Astrology. If the score is between
18 - 24, then the match is acceptable (Average). If the score is between 22 - 29, then the match is very good (Above Average). If the score is above 30 then technically the match is excellent but a lot of other factors have to be checked out.
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