Relationship is between two individuals and its workability depends on their common interests. The relationship could be between:
                         Two partners in business
                         Husband and wife looking for life long relationship
                         Living in Relationship
                         Two friends
                         Love mates
                         Father and son
                         mother and daughter
some relationships naturally are made for lifelong, periods such as marriage. Others may last for short time.  Interests between them also vary.  Interests of two business partners are limited to business details. Living relationship is testing of compatibility between the pair and relation may be short lived or may be for longer period of time. Two friends live together and may split for obvious reasons of different carrier and different places they may settle down in .Love mates relationship again may be initially be for different reasons.
Purposes and interests of each relationship are different. You have to make your study case by case and there cannot be a single yard stick while matching their relations. The compatibility between two numbers may be good in one relationship and may be poor or just normal in other relationship.    
I am reproducing the table of compatibility between the life path numbers and table of compatibility of the destiny numbers separately to give you an insight that how the compatibility differs between the same numbers when the purposes are different. 
Number compatibility has to be understood keeping in mind the format of the relationship. The basic traits  of the numbers though remains the same, but their interpretations and influence vary for every core concept: like personal year, essence numbers, life cycles etc
The Karmic Debt numbers if occurs in major indicators, have negative  influences on the growth of the individuals and the relationships. Mind you these Karmic numbers are encountered in most of the people in one or other core numbers.
Compatibility of the life path numbers (Date of birth)
         Life path
    Most compatible
  Mode rat compatible
Compromises required
          4, 5, 7
            1, 8
Compatibility by Destiny Numbers (By name)
     Best  Match
   Possible  match
      1  5  7
        3  9
      2  4  6
      2  4  8
        3  6
      1  5  7
      3  6  9
      1  2  5
      4  7  8
      2  4  8
        6  7
     1  3  5  9
      1  5  7
        3  9
      4  2  6
      3  6  9
       2  4  8
      1  5  7
      1  5  7
      2  3  6  8
      2  4  8
        1  5
       3  7  9
      3  6  9
       1  5
        2  7
       4  8
1 and 1: You both have strong desire to lead, and to be independent, though they understand each other very well. T can be problems in the relationship when they start to compete with each other. But otherwise for the most part, it is a good relation with excitement and activity.

1 and 2:
You are very different people and with different temperaments and priorities. The 1 is the breadwinner, and the 2 keeps the romance alive. The 2 must not try to distract 1 and the same time I should not ever forget how important the other partner is and give the necessary attention.

1 and 3:
You are very lively couple who enjoy life together. The 3 is good at acknowledges the 1 accomplishments and keep stroking the ego. The 3 keeps on pushing 1 with own ideas so this couple can cover a lot of ground. Both are required to be careful about what they say since neither of them handles criticism very well.

1 and 4:
The 1 s have no patience and their need to make things happen now, frustrates the meticulous 4. Opposites in many ways, they do not expect easy compromise.  They have to accept each other for who they are to make a solid relationship. This is considered a good combination in business.

1 and 5:
This is a very compatible combination. Both have their own freedom in relationship. When they are busy together, they are very special and excited. They should avoid imposing on each other for smooth relationship.

1 and 6:
The 6 is a caretaker where as the 1 is independent and unrestrained. Though not easy, they have to work on this and support each other for maintaining good relations.

1 and 7:
They blend in each other nicely. The 7 provides the wisdom while the 1 is a needed motivator. They understand the tendencies of each other.

1 and 8:
This is a good match for business. Both are assertive and demanding, and expectations can far exceed reality. Success in love relations depends on willingness to compromise and limit demands.

1 and 9:
The 9 is selfless in relationship which allows the 1 to operate with understanding and smooth flowing. 9 also have the giving nature which 1 will have to learn to share with the partner outside the home. 9s however cannot tolerate the 1 s assertive and individualistic behavior and this may cause the problems in relationship.

2 and 2:
A great match. Being experts at mediation, they always find common ground on any issue. They have very polite manners and have mutual respect.

2 and 3:
They are good partners, The 3 is on stage and is full of life and social energy and the 2 is happy as standing back and enjoying the show. The 2 provided the needs of the 3 by providing a soothing and calming influence.

2 and 4:
The 4 is the ultimate builder and provider of home and family and security of the family is the main concern of 4. Whereas home and family is more appealing to the 2. The only problem is of perception. The 2 needs love to be shown and the 4 is not demonstrative of the same. The relationship is steady as there is no difference on basics.

2 and 5:
The 2 needs family and sense of being loved, and the 5 need total freedom. Two very different people have to compromise a lot to maintain a healthy relationship.

2 and 6:
The 2 needs love and care. The 2 at times may suffer with the direct and demanding approach of 6. Otherwise the relationship is steady.

2 and 7:
The 2 s need for demonstrative love and 7 s need for a good deal of space and solitude may make this relationship difficult. They have to take care of each other need to some extent, for the relationship to work. The 2 will have to find something to occupy for most of the time as 7 needs solitude almost always.

2 and 8:
The 8 takes care of the financial needs of the family. The 2 takes care of the family and the ego of the partner. The relationship is good.

2 and 9:
  9 is a caring individual. But the care they naturally possess is spread to all humanity and it is not focused enough at home. The 9 is a natural leader while 2 is a natural follower. The relationship can work wonderfully if 9 remember the need of 2 of being loved and 2 must always remember that 9 loves is divided between the humanity outside home and you.

3 and 3:
Both are creative, social and fun loving and support each other. But both are little careless and neither of the partners can hold on to the reins of day to day practical details. The relationship however works very well

3 and 4:
  4 is the micro-manager 4, The 3 will take each day as it comes while the 4 has to have a definite plan far into the future. They have to meet the middle way to be compatible and to keep the balance in relations. The 3 will show the 4 how to have fun while the 4 can give the 3 a needed sense of security. This however seems difficult and requires tremendous efforts and compromise.

3 and 5: The two will generally find each other very interesting and entertaining. Social opportunities travel, and numerous activities will not ever let the relationship be boring. But neither by nature excels at managing the budget. Everyday affairs can cause some problems in the relationship. Otherwise it is the most social combination.

3 and 6:
This is a very strong and durable relationship. The 3 is full of enthusiasm and the 6 provides the stability, support, and encouragement that often makes this combination an ideal team. This combination can have some problems in the form of 6 jealous feelings toward the oft flirtatious 3.

3 and 7:
These two are about as different as people get. The 3 wants to be constantly on the go with a swirl of activity, travel, and social contact that the 7 will find intolerable. The 7 needs solitude and can only take so much human contact before retreating to their preferred peace and quiet. Confrontation in this pairing never works well, and it will be up to both to understand the long-term need for compromise. The key to success here is open dialog regarding wants, needs, and goals.

3 and 8:
The 8 is very goal oriented and focused and need authority to be happy. In contrast, 3 is fun loving and that leaves the 3 without needed attention. The combination can only work if 8 take out time frequently from the occupation for relaxing and having fun. This is not in the nature of 8 and the combination does not work well usually.

3 and 9:
These two people keep each other engaged in a variety of creative ways. Both like to be on stage and both are interested in people. They care about people and the 9 can easily ignore a fault. The 9 is the teacher and the 3 is the ever eager student. Sharing experience is a never ending joy of this pairing. The problem the couple faces is settling down, making a home and raising family and keeping the budget in control. Even after they are settled and set, romantic adventures will always be important. This is a wonderful combination.

4 and 4:
This combination is solid and secure. These two share goals and nearly achieve them. They measure their success only by a sense that growth is continuous and this includes love and romance. They hardly relax. Nonetheless, the relationship between these two people is very stable.  It is one of the best known combinations.

4 and 5:
The 4 and 5 have different temperaments and different ways of communicating. The 4 is very direct to the point, while the 5 is always more diplomatic and indirect. 4s don t like change, and 5s have to have it. To find success, this couple needs to respect the basic difference between the two. This relationship is challenging.

4 and 6:
A comfortable match. The 6 takes the lead in this relationship, and a secure home and family and that is what needed for a satisfying long-term situation. The challenge of this relationship is compromise. Neither is very good at this.

4 and 7:
This is a relationship is about a mutual need for security. It is loyal and devoted.  The 4 provides security and home values. The 7 provides continuous mental development and adventure. The combination makes life both secure and interesting for both.

4 and 8:
Both parties understand hard work and have a good head for business. The 4 is the cautious planner, while the 8 manages very well. The only problem can be one of finding the time to spend together. Yet this is a couple that knows how to build for the future and develop a very secure relationship.

4 and 9:
The 9 is far more social and has deep humanitarian instincts. The 4 is focused on the basics of building a secure future. Both must be aware of their different approaches and accept those willingly. The 4 must appreciate 9s knowledge and 9 must appreciate the 4s consistency. Otherwise the relationship will be in trouble.

5 and 5:
In this relationship, partners easily anticipate what the other is thinking and where they are going. They are open to new ideas and changes and they accept the freewheeling lifestyles of each other. 5s choosing to support one another can do just about anything. The difficulty with them is focus, and there may be a problem handling the day-to-day affairs.

5 and 6:
  5 thrives on freedom and space, and the 6 is for exerting control and nurturing supervision. The 6 wants complete commitment and the 5 are looking for adventure and new horizons. In a relationship, they would probably be good for each other if they could find a way to meet somewhere near the middle.

5 and 7:
In some ways, these two are much alike and the relationship is generally very compatible. The 7 values the time to be alone and enjoy the world of study and being in their private space. At the same time, the 5 always would hardly appreciate anyone having demands for attention as this being the paramount feature of the relationship. These two can get together and find stream of mutual interests to discuss and explore.

5 and 8:
The 8 is used to being the boss and dominating most situations. The 5 seeks freedom from any restraints. The 8 is focused on success, particularly in a financial sense, and the 5 doesn t even want to think about money. It will take careful planning and compromise to make this relationship work.

5 and 9:
Both of these numbers represent people who are apt to be in a constant state of transition and change. In this regard they have much in common and will generally find each other very interesting.  The compassion of the 9 and progressive thinking of the 5 seems to blend well. But they both remain too busy to find time for each other. Establishing a commitment to security is a must.

6 and 6:
This is a very compatible pairing. The 6 knows what s best for their partner, so they do a good job of taking care of each other, and a family is a must. Yet the 6 by its nature wants the whole family under his/her thumb. The challenge may be in agreeing to, who is going to be in charge. But this get sorted out because of their basis trait.

6 and 7:
Two very different people with very different ideas about a relationship. The 6 is openly interested in a permanent situation to a stable home and family. 7 are very secretive about and hard to tell what the goal might be. . Despite the sexual attraction between them, this is a much challenged combination. The 6 is too controlling, and the 7 just isn t to be closely managed. The compromises required in this relationship.

6 and 8:
This is a couple with big ideas that are usually brought to reality. The home will provide plenty of space for family, work, and frequent entertaining of their many friends. The problems in relation occur when the possessive 6 has to compete too much with the business interests of the 8. On the other side the 8 will be frustrated when the demands at home cramp the executive lifestyle and obligations.

6 and 9:
9 is one of the few numbers which gains respect of 6. In a family situation, the 6 is super boss, and the 9 is always praised and recognized. This often creates a mutual admiration environment that provides a happy home for both partners. The 6 helps the 9 stay focused on details and common sense issues, while the 9 broadens the 6 s outlook and sense of the world at large. The close eye on the budget is required.

7 and 7:
This is one situation in which they do not understand the secretive nature and the eccentricities of each other. With the right attitude, this couple will find the interest to freely explore, or spend their days in happy solitude together, especially when they are on the same psychic wavelength. They have the tendency to not communicate, so an effort may have to be made in this direction. Otherwise the pairing is compatible.

7 and 8:
The 8 has a tendency to dominate and control, and the 7 is a very private person prone to resist attempts to exert authority. The power of both numbers can result in frequent verbal battles. Yet there is a stability factor in the pairing at emotional level that makes long-term success a possibility if accommodations can be reached.

7 and 9:
The relationship can go either way depending largely on spiritual beliefs. Both have strong spiritual inclinations and deeply held positions. They are divided along the rigidly held lines and beliefs. In such cases, compromise is usually not an option. When the spiritual positions are in harmony, this can be a very compatible combination.

8 and 8:
This is a combination that is full of passion and romance. Both partners will be easily distracted by their goals and professional demands, often superseding romantic possibilities. Guard against competing with one another, and getting caught up in schedules and the demands of work. Make time for each other and always focus on being equal partners.

8 and 9:
This is a challenging combination in which two highly motivated individuals - motivated in very different ways - find it hard to accept the ways of the other. In general the goals of the 9 are big and may have a humanitarian bend, while the 8 seeks the reward that comes with development of leadership and material success. The 8 will have to appreciate the lessons that can be learned from their generous partner. This generally does not work and fail to click. But If they are able to work as a team, this is a powerful and often inspirational pair.

9 and 9:
This relationship has much promise. The nature of the 9 is selfless, so this combination usually faces few challenges; each wanting to please the other and always be there for each other. A relationship offering the opportunity to grow, learn, and serve, this is often an inspiring combination.
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