Types of Shradh
Types of Shraadh for Pitra Dosh Nivaran
        Removing Pitra Dosh and to give satisfaction to the soul of people
                                 who died unnaturally is given below:-

1.Tirpindi Shraadh :- Tirpindi  Shraadh is done for those people who died unnaturally, to remove Preth Badha And after Tirpindi Shraadh all the Difficulties which is creating by ancestors or family member who died unnaturally is removed and This Shraadh is very important for Satisfaction of Soul who died Unnaturally,

2. Naranyan Bali Shraadh :- Narayan Bali Shraadh is done to remove Pitra Dosh and Narayan Bali ritual is done to Satisfy the soul of ancestors and death people whose soul is wandering here and there in the world ,And For getting Satisfaction the ancestors give Dreams to their Family Member ,then Naranyan Bali Shraadh is done or When People have Pitra Dosh In his Kundli or Horoscope, And all the difficulties is removed which is obstruction in any type of good work due to Pitra Dosh,

3. Naag Bali Shraadh :- After the death of any people, When soul of the People enters in Naag Yoni and They take the shape of Snake or Naag, and comes in snake shape in the dreams of his Family Member ,then Naag Bali Shradh is done,

4. Kalsharpyog Pooja :- When any Person have Rahu and Ketu Present in his Kundli or Horoscope then the happiness is lost from his life and the People goes downward and downward in any aspect of life and Life of the People is under the influence of Death, then Kalsharpyog Pooja is done in GayaJi to remove Kalsharpyog Dosh from his Kundli or Horoscope,
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