A Vastu compass is a device used to determine the right arrangement for any given place. It is a self-pointing device, which helps the Vastu expert check the arrangements and placement of things within a structure and suggest alternative arrangement accordingly. The compass guides one to become healthy, financially stable and ensures prosperity in one s life. Professional Vastu consultants use the compass to determine the right direction and corners for stationing anything. Vastu compass comes with 8 ready charts i.e. for Residence, Living Room, Bed Room, Kitchen, Shop, Office, Factory, and Dispensary. It is easy to use and manageable as well. The article will help you know how to use a Vastu Shastra compass in the right way.
How to Use Vastu Compass
1.    Select The chart among the 8 different charts provided to you as per your requirement.

2.    Place the only selected chart on the dial of instrument in such a way that centre-pin comes out
       from the centre hole of a chart.

3.    Now gently place the given direction indicating needle on the centre- pin.

4.   Please take care to prevent outside influence of wind, air & jerk on the niddle.

5.   Allow to rotate the needle freely on the centre pin, after some time it will stop moving and will set to
      only one direction.

6.   "RED" Mark on the niddle indicates the "NORTH" direction.

7.   Rotate the instrument in such a way that the
RED MARK of the niddle. ("N" Pole) comes exactly
      over the "N" pole of the chart.

8.   Place the instruction on the surface of a table or ground.

9.   Now check the situation and location of your residence or commercial premises as per the chart
      indicating the ideal situation as per "VASTU SHASTRA".
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