Vastu Shastra directions are the very most important subject. Without knowing the directions we cannot find out the mistake as per Vastu Shastra at the premises. Directions are nothing but heart of a human body. Heart is most important to a human body, like wise directions also important to the Vastu Shastra. How to find out the directions, it s very simple.

           Stand before Sun, that is the East, i.e. you are viewing east direction, our back side is West, our left hand side is North and our right hand side is South. Here you may got one doubt, at some places we cannot see the sun because of clouds then how to find out the directions, yes you are almost right, and your doubt is very valuable, at this moment we must have compass, compass is like this way., the below is the compass, from this instrument we can easily find out directions at morning and night also, at any season we can easily find out the directions.
Slide Mouse On Number Check Effect As per Direction
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