Vastu shanti
Vastu shanti worship is originally a worship of lord and diety of directions, five element of nature as well as natural forces And other related stuffs

We do Vastu shanti (worship of deity and lord of nature and their elements and natural forces as well as lord and deity of directions and environment) to remove any type of Vastu dosha whether it s a land and building by nature of environment by Vastu Shastra worship with avoiding major changes and demolition in the structure of building.

We must do Vastu Shastra in the following circumstances to avoid adverse effect (circumstances) by nature and environment.
1. "When a choose a land against Vastu parameters.
2. "Construct a building against the Vastu rules and money short comings remain in structure.
3. "Due to errors in interior arrangement of concerned rooms and buildings.
4. "When we a bought an old home.
5. "At the time of renovation of home. Or any building
6. "When we have been living for 5 years regularly
7. "After come back to foreign trip.
8. "At the time of inauguration of a new home.
Types of pooja
1. "Swastivachan
2.  "Ganpati Simren
3.  "Sh. Ganpati Pujan
4.  "Vastu dev Sethapana & Poojen
5.  "Parvachan
6.  "Abhishek
7.  "Shodeshmater ka Poojan
8.  "Mentrajap
9.  "Yogne Poojen
10."Shetrapal Poojan
11."Navgerha Sathpen & poojan
12."Vaastumandel devta Sethapen & poojan
15."Gartvidhi, vaastupurush-prathana
16."Dakshinasankelp & Brehamen Bhojen
17."Abhishek, chayapaterdaan & Viserjen
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