Gemstone For Zodiac Signs
Aries Gemstones:

Diamonds:   These will enhance your ability to cut through clutter and see facts clearly.
                        Diamonds also enhance luck in wealth for Aries personalities.
Amethyst:   Perfect for activating patience, and balancing out your moods if things aren't going
                       the way you want.

Emerald:     Wear for protection, and when you need a bit of settling and grounding after having
                       been charged up with action.
Taurus Gemstone:

Emeralds:   Opens up creativity and a feeling of connection. Also a protective stone for              
                       Taureans, as well as boosts self-esteem .

Rose Quartz: Wear for social occasions and when you want your environment wrapped in a
                          loving, caring feeling.

Lapis Lazuli:  If you're feeling unstable, lapis will help you regain your connections to that which
                          is most important to you. Also helps with intuitive clarity.
Gemini Gemstones:

Agate:    Wear when you need your highest intention to be revealed. Good for bringing about
                 softness, comfort and healing too.

Tourmaline: Magnificent for focus and mental acuity. Also good to keep with you to aid with
                        meditative practices.

Citrine: A great stone when you just need a lift. Wear to keep your mood sparkly, fresh and
Cancer Gemstone Meanings:

Pearls: Perfect to keep with you when you're contemplating decisions as it helps strengthen
               inner wisdom.

Moonstone: Soothes moodiness. Wear when you're feeling out of sorts as it helps with clarity.
                        Also great to wear while doing for intuitive work.

Peridot: Outstanding gem for healing. And, for Cancerians, this stone is also useful for lifting
Leo Gemstones:

Ruby:  Enhances the warmth and generosity inherent to your nature. Wear during social events
              when your intent is to experience harmonious communication.

Topaz: Helps clear physical blockages. Also good for mental clarity. Wear when you need to
               focus on projects.

Tiger Eye: Enhances perception, great for psychic development and intuition work. Also helpful
                     for visions (scrying).
Virgo Gemstone Meanings:

Sapphire: Wear when you need to escape from the every day. This stone lifts moods, and
                     enhances dreams for Virgos.

Amethyst: Promotes calm and healing. Wear when you need relief from worry, stress or

Carnelian: Perfect stone when you need to be reminded of your personal power. Increases
                     feelings of security and confidence.
Libra Gemstones:

Opal: Sparks the fire within your creative self. Wear when you need inspiration.

Peridot: Enhances your heart energies. Wear when you need to communicate your heart's desire
                with clarity.

Jade: Brings balance to your finances. Keep a jade chip in your pocket or purse to remind you of
            your deserved prosperity.
Scorpio Gemstone Meanings:

Onyx:  Fabulous stone for getting in touch with your latent psychic abilities. Perfect for shadow
Black pearls: Feeling edgy? Wear black pearls to sooth your choppy emotions. Enhances calm
                          and tranquility

Garnet: Stimulates libido. Wear when you want to enhance your beauty, virility and/or sensuality.
Sagittarius Gemstones:

Turquoise: Tempers your ambition and aggression. Protects against injury and enhances
                      psychic communication.

Topaz: A great stone to help keep you mellow. Wear in the evenings during dinner parties for the
              perfect harmonic mood amongst guests.

Quartz: Assists in unifying your duplicitous nature. Facilitates communication between your
                hedonistic and puritan selves.
Capricorn Gemstone Meanings:

Snowflake Obsidian: Galvanizes your sense of authority and leadership while also helping
                                        you to be flexible in negotiations.
Garnet:  Offers a light confidence and lifts some of the seriousness of your disposition. Also a
                great stone for attracting health and social warmth.

Sapphire: Enhances your intuitive abilities, allowing you to see with the third eye more clearly.
Aquarius Gemstones:

Amethyst: Enhances an amicable mood, and assists in communicating with love and clarity.

Amber: Perfect stone for healing emotional injuries. Wear when you are receiving or giving counsel or advice.

Hematite: Brings you back down to the ground after you've been flying high. Wear when you need focus, order and discipline.
Pisces Gemstone Meanings:

Bloodstone: The power to ground. Wear when those deep currents of yours threatened to pull you away from safe harbor.

Aquamarine: Offers heightened awareness, and gives you spot-on clarity when worn with intent for psychic accuracy.

Opal: For Pisces, this stone has a unique comforting effect, and helps protect against addictive behaviors.
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CAUTION: The Gems should be selected as per the Horoscope needs otherwise there can be reverse results.